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Havabee will assist you with your app needs from start to finish. We are based in Mumbai, India.


What We Do.

App Development

Need an App? We can help you with that. Just send us your requirements and we will do the rest. There is no need to hire frontend and backend development team separately. We will design, develop and help you publish the app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Web App Development

Want to give an app-like experience to the users on the web browser? Web App is here just for that. It gives native app-like experience on browsers. We can build a high performing scalable web app which will help you achieve your business goals effectively.

Voice App Development

Voice apps are already the next big thing. Voice apps help you get things done without actually doing anything with your voice. We can help you create an engaging voice experience for your business on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

App Development Training

Want to create apps by yourself? We provide app development training which covers everything that you need to know to create apps. By the end of this course, you will be able to publish your own apps to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store


See Our Featured Projects.


Breathing exercise app that will help you relax & focus in minutes. Available on Android & iOS

Hospitals For You (HFY)

Hospitals For You is a healthcare facility finder app for Mumbai that locates the nearest Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Medical Center, and other healthcare facilities based on the location and needs of the patient. Available on Android & iOS

Caption 8

Caption 8 generates hashtags from your photo using machine learning and then suggests relevant captions. you can add more hashtags to your photo and browse through the suggested captions before sharing it. Available on Android & iOS

COVID Tracker design template

This is a design template and not a live app. Github link coming soon! For COVID related info please visit Here

Smart Homes

Smart homes app lets you buy smart IoT products with just a few taps. It has phone authentication for quick login. It is integrated with PayTm for accepting payments.

Word Explode

Word Explode is a fun game where you have to form a 3 letter word from a given 5 letter word in a single attempt. For each correct word, you get 2 points. Availabe on Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Math Space

Math Space is fun math game wherein each level you will be given an arithmetic expression. which will have a missing operator in it. you have to answer the missing operator from the expression. Available on Amazon Alexa


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